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How to Apply

SEABLUE® Vitamin Creams are Quick & Easy to Apply. SEABLUE® uses practical, portable pumps which dispense an even amount of cream.

Easy Application: We designed this formula to be dispensed from a metered dose pump. **If you have difficulty getting the pump started, try taking the white plastic bottom off the pump to relieve the pressure, then replace the bottom and pump should work. Please contact us if you have continued problems with the pump.

Application Instructions

Directions for Use

Step One

Apply cream from pump to area of relatively thin skin, like the inner wrist.

Step Two

Rub inner wrist together in a circular motion.

Step Three

Maximum absorption, no bulky pills to swallow, creams bypass digestive tract, maximum benefits, minimum effort.

Directions: Dermal vitamin creams must be used daily in order to obtain maximum benefits. Apply dermal vitamin creams to areas of relatively thin skin and good blood flow such as the inner wrists and/or the inner thighs. Creams should be applied at least 2 to 3 times a day for maximum benefit. Applications can be throughout the day, or applied at the same time. Gently rub creams into skin until absorbed and disappears. Multiple creams may be applied at the same time to the same area of skin.

Do not use if pregnant or lactating or in active chemotherapy. Store at room temperature

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