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The Beginning of SEABLUE® Vitamins

By: :Daniel Crackower 0 comments

SEABLUE® began to make extraordinary vitamin products in June 2004. It was then, after Barbara Brierre, M.D., fulfilled her vision and founded the company based on her experience, not as a 20-year practicing physician, but as a daughter of a chronically ill father.

Brierre’s father has had a lifetime health issue that progressed with time. Brierre did what most daughters in her position would have done. She began extensive research about her father’s disorder and how to treat it. Through Brierre’s studies she learned that the mineral magnesium was shown to significantly benefit her father’s condition. However, her father was unable to swallow the bulky magnesium pills. In an earnest haste to make the miracle of magnesium available to her father, Brierre worked with local pharmacists in Louisiana. What ensued was the development of a vitamin cream that could deliver the much needed nutrients to her father’s system.

Although SEABLUE® Vitamins was first introduced for those unable to take vitamin supplements orally, word of mouth quickly spread about the new creams. Soon, people who just hated taking pills but needed vitamin supplements started asking about how and where they could buy SEABLUE® Vitamins products. For those who once had just the choice of swallowing vitamins, SEABLUE® Vitamins provided an alternative.

To date, SEABLUE® Vitamins can be found in more than 300 retailer outlets, across nineteen states. One physician’s mission to help her father has now become a SEABLUE® Vitamins vision – to balance the body’s vitamin deficiencies with an effective and easy-to-administer solution.

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