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How much calcium do you really need?

By: :Daniel Crackower 0 comments

There was recently an article in the Harvard Women’s Health Watch that said

“Recent evidence indicates that taking high-dose calcium supplements doesn’t prevent fractures and may even be risky.”

The article went on to say that

“Adequate calcium is necessary for good health, and not just because it’s a major component of our bones. It also plays a vital role in keeping our organs and skeletal muscles working properly. The body gets the calcium it needs for basic functions by releasing the calcium stored in our bones into the blood through bone remodeling- the process by which bone is constantly broken down and rebuilt. Because bone density drops when bone breakdown outpaces bone formation, scientists reasoned that maintaining an adequate level of calcium in the blood could keep the body from drawing it out of the bones. In the late 1970’s, a couple of brief studies indicated that consuming 1200mg of calcium a day could preserve a postmenopausal woman’s calcium balance.”

The rest of the article talks about dosing and daily intake of calcium with food and supplements and how much is necessary for prevention of bone loss. This article as well as others I have read continue to talk about calcium that is taken orally and the jury is still out as to how much people need to take by mouth.

I decided a few years ago to deliver calcium through the skin (dermally) thus bypassing the GI tract and the lack of absorption of calcium through the stomach. The calcium tablets or chews, etc. are unpleasant and women don’t like them and how are we really going to test the dosing of calcium when women really don’t use them?

The Seablue Vitamins Strength formula contains calcium pantothenate, Vitamin D, A and magnesium – the necessary vitamins to prevent bone loss and they are delivered directly into the bloodstream through the skin. As the article above states

“calcium is necessary to prevent bone loss”

and if you can actually put it on the skin – you get 100% absorption and whatever your body doesn’t want will be filtered out through the kidneys.


I put the Strength formula cream on my lower spine and hips where I have osteopenia. We’ll see in a couple of months with a bone density if I am right, but I really think so.

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