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My Broken Bone

By: :Daniel Crackower 0 comments

A week ago I fell in the Atlanta airport on the way home from a week in New York City and have a fracture in my left upper arm by the shoulder. The break did not need surgery or a cast so I decided to use my products for pain relief and for healing. I really do think I will heal quicker and better with Seablue/Osmoflex. You can read my documented recovery below.

Accident - Saturday, 9/12/15

My sister and myself went to New York City last week (Monday, 9/7/15 – Saturday, 9/12/15. We saw plays, tennis, museums, etc. and everything went great. I even said to her Saturday morning before our flight “trip has gone great without disasters or traveling problems”. I obviously should not have said that.” We had a 3 hour delay out of JFK in New York and we all missed our connections in Atlanta. Landing in Atlanta late everybody grumpy and ready to go to hotel. We were walking down the concourse and I just fell – no warning, no nothing. I knew immediately that something was broken near my left shoulder, but I didn’t tell the delta people or EMT’s because I did not want to go to the hospital in Atlanta on a Saturday night. My sister and I spent the night at the Sheraton in Atlanta and she made ice packs and even bought a scarf in the gift shop to use for my sling. I am going to document my pain level from now on in this site and that night on a scale of 1-10, it was a 13. Advil and ice.

Day 2 - Sunday, 9/13/15

Waking in Atlanta and trying to get to airport to fly home. My sister was flying to Pensacola and me to Lafayette. She had my arm as immobile as possible with the scarf from the gift shop. I told her that the reason I fell is because of these Sketcher shoes I bought in New York because we were doing so much walking. I didn’t realize these were really just exercising shoes, not walking. When I hit the floor of the Atlanta airport my foot just stuck as my body went forward. It was like a big suction cup holding my foot down. On Sunday morning when we were trying to get out of Atlanta I walked very carefully to my gate, but felt my shoes sticking to the ground –like little suction cups and if you weren’t careful – you stick. Finally made it to Lafayette and had nice people helping me. I still had done, up to this point, nothing for pain except advil and ice. Also, most important, when I got home, I started using Osmoflex and my Seablue Strength formula. Pain level still 13-14, waiting to see my ortho doctor on Monday.

Day 3 - Monday, 9/14/15

Tough night, pain level still above 10. Using lots of Osmoflex and Strength formulas. Saw my doctor and x-rays showed a proximal fracture of the left humerus. Thankfully, I didn’t need surgery or a cast. I was advised to just keep arm in the sling and use Ultram for pain control. “Come back in 2 weeks, but recovery with physical therapy down the road will probably be at least 2-4 months.” I thought to myself at that point – if I keep up the use of my products – I will probably be much better in 2-3 weeks! I am obviously not totally sure, thus the documentation of my progress.

Day 4 - Tuesday, 9/15/15

Slept pretty well last night. After not only an Ultram, but continued use – at least 3x/day of the Strength and Osmoflex formulas. I also started putting the Power formula on my arm with the other products. It has zinc, C, lycopene, magnesium, and the B vitamins. Hopefully, these will help with the swelling and bruising. Pain level still a good 10, but I was able to begin to start picking something up off the floor – could not do this 2 days ago. Not much pain while sitting still, but with use of the arm, still way on up there as far as pain. My good friend Vickie has been helping me with pictures and dressing.

Day 5 - Wednesday, 9/16/15

Doing pretty well, just doing work and house related business. Moving a little better, able to shower and dress with one arm. Pain level still about a 9. Still using Strength, Power and Osmoflex 3x/day. Have lots of people giving me advice, from arnica, pineapple and I am sure all those help, but I wanted to see how well my products work. I’m only using my products and advil. I am not taking the Ultram because it makes me nauseous.

Day 7 - Friday, 9/18/15

Hurting and sore this morning – did too much yesterday, but able to handle the pain much better. Pain level up again to a 9 with movement. But, I can still stand from sitting and showering (1 arm) easier than before. Went out to breakfast and the lunch with friends and didn’t hurt much at all. Moving around a lot easier. Sleeping, as long as I am still! I continue to use Osmoflex, Strength and Power 3x/day.

Day 8 - Saturday, 9/19/15

Rest yesterday helped. I can now stand up from sitting without much pain – feels like I have put a motrin under the skin, but I am actually doing something much better for my injury and that is the Osmoflex which has anti-inflammatory properties. Still doing twice a day whirlpools with Epsom salts and passive range of motion. I was an Occupational Therapist before I went to medical school, thus know how to do that. Continuing all my products.

Day 9 - Sunday, 9/20/15

My arm is still pretty painful today , level 8 on the 10 scale. I rested a lot - , doing some work as well. I am able to move my shoulder and elbow better in the whirlpool. I have about 20 degrees of passive range of motion with abduction of the left shoulder, 60 degrees with flexion and unable to extend posteriorly at all. I continue to use all 3 products that I started with.


Day 10 - Monday, 9/21/15

Slowly improving. Continuing the Seablue Strength, Seablue Power and Osmoflex on my arm. Pain about a 7.

Day 11 - Tuesday, 9/22/15

Pain better – just painful in the left shoulder and proximal humerus – where I landed with the fall. Bruising over entire arm, much better.

Day 12 - Wednesday, 9/23/15

My arm is really sore and painful today, maybe I am doing too much. I can’t take the pain pills, they make me very nauseous. Living on Advil, Osmoflex and Strength. Pain level about a 8-9 still.

Day 13 - Thursday, 9/24/15

Didn’t sleep much, couldn’t get comfortable at all. I think I am feeling the bone healing! Overall, thinks are a little better – pain about a 7.

Day 15 - Saturday, 9/26/15

Arm pain down to a 6. I am able to do more things without pain, like standing from sitting and picking things up off the floor. Progress!

Day 17 - Monday, 9/28/15

Had 2 week post injury doctor appointment today. The bone is healing well – xray improving. I don’t need a sling anymore and am starting some therapy next week. I am continuing to use my Strength formula which has calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and magnesium. I apply it directly to the bone. I then apply the Power formula to my entire left arm because it contains lycopene, Vitamin C, zinc, all of which are helping with the bruising and inflammation. Power also contains magnesium, B6, B12, and folic acid. I wait about 10 minutes after applying those and then, most importantly, I use Osmoflex mostly to the upper arm where I still have some pain. We made Osmoflex to provide pain relief to joint, bone and muscle pain. It contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and magnesium. We felt these ingredients were not only going to help with the pain, but will also benefit the healing process. I certainly have felt the Osmoflex helping on all levels the last 2 weeks. Maybe everyone needs to have a tube of Osmoflex in the house “just in case somebody needs it”!

Before (9/15/15)

After (9/28/15)

Day 20 - Thursday, 10/1/15

After seeing my doctor this past Monday and he said the bone was healing and I didn’t have to wear the sling, I have been doing more. Now that I know my arm isn’t going to fall off, I am doing much more with my left arm. Dressing, showering, sleeping, etc. have all become easier on a day by day basis. Pain level is better – about a 5. Bruising and swelling much better. I continue to use my products and Advil when needed. The Osmoflex continues to provide considerable pain relief and I use it 2-3 times a day. Because it is absorbed through the skin and gets down to the tissue level I feel it lasts about 4 hours, maybe more. Osmoflex also has a cumulative effect meaning that with continued, consistent use, the pain relief (anti-inflammatory) improves the more you use it. The other pain relief products like bio-freeze and icy hot are topical, meaning they don’t go through the skin layers to the tissue level where it is painful. They are merely feel good products for the skin.

Day 23 - Sunday, 10/4/15

Things continue to improve! The bruising and swelling almost gone – just down in the forearm. Pain still about a 5. Continuing all my cream products. I start physical therapy in the morning!

Day 30 - Sunday, 10/11/15

Finished my first week of physical therapy and I have to say – it hurts! However, I know it is helping because I am able to do more and more each day. I use Osmoflex before and after each therapy session and I really do feel it is helping because of the anti-inflammatory properties of the cream. The MSM and the magnesium both help stabilize cortisol and inflammation in the injured tissues and bone. I do feel the cumulative effect of Osmoflex – meaning the inflammation decreases more and more with continued use. Pain level overall improved. Will continue therapy and Osmoflex this week.

Day 40 - Wednesday, 10/21/15

It has been 5 and a half weeks since I fell and things get easier and better every day. I started back with Pilates for the stretching and resistance and it is helping. I am continuing Physical Therapy and Osmoflex and pain level is at about a 2. I just have some bruising on forearm. Otherwise, I am healing very well.

Day 47 - Wednesday, 10/28/15

I had six week doctor appointment and the bone has lots of new growth and healing. I still have some limited range of motion so he recommended 3 more weeks of Physical Therapy. I am also getting some good results with Pilates. After therapy or pilates, I always take a healing bath with Epsom salts, then apply Osmoflex while the skin is warm for maximum absorption. Pain level is a 1 and I occasionally take Advil, but nothing else.

This is my last blog about the broken arm. The take home message is what I said from the beginning – that I felt Osmoflex would help and shorten the healing process. I really think the continued use of Osmoflex has accelerated healing and provided significant pain relief. I am really glad I created it and always have some on hand when I (or anyone else) needs some!!!

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