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Description and Directions for the Seablue Vitamins

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IGOR Dermal Vitamin Therapy™ for Men
Net Wt. 2 oz. (56g)

BALANCE Dermal Vitamin Therapy™ for Women
Net Wt. 2 oz. (56g)

POWER Dermal Vitamin Therapy™ with B-12
Net Wt. 2 oz. (56g)

CALM Dermal Vitamin Therapy™ Magnesium
Net Wt. 2 oz. (56g)

STRENGTH Dermal Vitamin Therapy™ with Calcium
Net Wt. 2 oz. (56g)


Dear Customers,
I have been making Seablue Vitamins since 2005. It has been a continual and ever evolving process. The Vitamins vary in consistency, color, and fragrance because they are formulated in large batches and contain natural raw ingredients. These inconsistencies do not diminish the product’s effectiveness. Individually, they each contain a specific combination of supplements that are targeted to address different health care issues.

BALANCE This formula was updated and improved in January 2012. The delivery system that allows the vitamins to be absorbed through the skin is creamier and absorbs very quickly leaving no residue or stickiness. It is pink because of the B-12 which is a red vitamin. Same ingredients as before, magnesium, zinc, B6, B12 and natural progesterone.

STRENGTH This formula was updated in Feb. 2011. It is also in the same creamier formula that allows excellent absorption. It is white and still contains calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin A.

POWER The most recent new and improved formula – received in Nov. 2012. It is now in the same delivery system as the Balance and Strength. The original POWER formula contained magnesium, zinc, B6, B12 and folic acid. I added lycopene and Vitamin C which now makes it a really good anti-oxidant formula. It is also bright pink because of B12 in it.

CALM this is an original formula – it is basically white and really absorbs well because it is just magnesium.

VIGOR this formula is also the original one and is currently creamy and absorbs well. It is an orange color because of the folic acid and selenium. It also has a little musky smell because of the selenium.

“We initially recommended the vitamins to be applied to the inner wrists and rubbed in and that remains a great way to apply these vitamins. We have also gotten feedback that you can easily apply these formulas to the inner thighs, whichever is more convenient for you. There is excellent blood flow in either the wrists or inner thighs. For any of the formulas you need to apply at least 2 -3 pumps a day, either at the same time or twice a day , whichever works best for you. You can apply multiple formulas at the same time because the skin is a very large organ and capable of absorbing the creams.

Most importantly, THEY DON’T WORK UNLESS YOU USE THEM. Use them DAILY for best results.

Thanks for your interest and business,
Barbara Brierre, M.D

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