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Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

By: :Daniel Crackower 0 comments

Sciatic nerve pain affects millions of people every year, both young and old alike. While a variety of physical therapy methods can be effective for treating or relieving the pain associated with your sciatic nerve, some individuals are left with no options for eliminating the pain other than through the use of pain killers or sciatic nerve pain relief creams. To better understand how to alleviate sciatic nerve pain, you must first understand where the pain comes from.

What Causes Sciatic Nerve Pain?

The sciatic nerve is located at the base of the spine, and branches down through the buttocks, to the rear thigh, and eventually makes its way down to your feet. There are a number of potential causes of sciatic nerve pain, with the most common being a bulging or ruptured disc in your lower spine. Other common causes of sciatica include bone spurs, pinched nerves, spinal stenosis, and less commonly pregnancy or tumors. When any of these issues occur, the pain, numbness or tingling is usually caused by pressure being applied to the base or roots of the sciatic nerve.

Treatment Options for Sciatic Pain

When treating sciatica, most people begin with physical therapy or exercise before delving into the world of pharmaceuticals. While exercise and proper rest are often a great way to alleviate this pain, they are not always going to be the answer to the problem. In extreme cases, surgery can become the alternative for all other treatment options, as well as periodic steroid injections.

When surgery is not an option, and all other avenues have been pursued to no avail, over-the-counter, or prescription pain killers can be your only choice. Over the counter pain relievers can be effective at blocking the pain temporarily, however they do not offer immediate relief, and prescription strength pain killers do not always agree with people physiologically.

How Can Osmoflex Alleviate Sciate Nerve Pain?

Osmoflex is very effective at reducing or eliminating sciatic nerve pain, and it also works very quickly, making it a great option for a large number of cases. Because of its liposomal delivery method, Osmoflex is capable of delivering its pain relieving ingredients directly to the source of pain, allowing for much quicker effectiveness, as well as better targeting of pain relieving properties. Typical oral pain relievers cannot accomplish this task, as they are evenly distributed through the body. With Osmoflex, you can focus all of the pain relief into one or multiple specific locations in the body.

The key to the Osmoflex formula is in both its delivery method (liposomal) and the naturally occurring ingredients Magnesium Sulfate and MSM (amino acid). As previously mentioned the liposomal delivery allows these ingredients to penetrate the skins layers to reach the source of pain. Magnesium Sulfate is a very effective, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, as well as muscle relaxer, making it a pivotal part of the pain relief equation. MSM, which is a naturally occurring amino acid, also reduces swelling, while promoting healthy connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

While many other sciatic pain relief creams may exist, they do not offer the same level of medically proven features Osmoflex does. Many typical creams are nothing more than a topical solution that creates a cold or hot “feeling” on and around the area of focus. While Osmoflex does contain menthol, it is by no means the reason for its superior level of effectiveness.

Do yourself a favor and give Osmoflex a try. Once you realize the benefits of using natural ingredients, combined with the fast, effective pain targeting of a liposomal cream, you’ll be an Osmoflex fan for life, and your body will thank you.

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